I've never had a brand shoot before... What goes into it?


First off, we're so glad you're here because you're clearly taking a huge step into leveling up your brand AND business with value-driven, impactful content that your customers are going to actually engaging with.


Check out this handy  blog post/guide explaining everything from where to shoot, what to wear, and the overall collaboration experience!

What's the consultation for and what should I expect?


We offer free consultations on all new inquiries (yes, even returning clients) and they're required prior to booking a shoot.


They typically run a half hour or less, depending on the uniqueness of your vision. We do this so that we can gain a deep understanding on how we can serve you best and cover as many questions up front (like how to prepare for your first shoot).


We prefer to meet in person, but completely understand if your schedule is a bit busy to do so. Most clients prefer to meet via video chat or email and that's a-ok with us!

I can't pay for my package in full. Are there any other payment options for me?


While we encourage all clients to pay in full at the time they receive their invoice, we don't want to make any part of working with us difficult.


Here's why we have you complete your invoice all at once:

  1. We want to be able to put the investment part behind us that way we can completely focus on creating content for you (and not having to remember to send you another money related email to your inbox or remind you that it needs to be completed).

  2. When you complete your invoice in full, we already account for a retainer to hold goods or services. In other words, this will secure your date and time for your shoot(s). This is 50% of your total invoice and is not refundable.

If you're still not able to complete your invoice in full, please let us know at your consultation. We want to figure out a way to make this work for you!

What happens if something came up last minute and we can't shoot?


We get it, life happens and unexpected things come up. If we aren't going to be able to shoot (i.e. poor weather condition, either of us gets sick, your babysitter bailed on you, etc.), the we can to reschedule. However, if you don't show up or are putting off your already scheduled shoot more than twice, the retainer and full amount paid will not be refunded.

So what is refundable?

Refunds are an option for the remaining 50% of your invoice, if paid in full and have given us at least one week's notice prior to your first scheduled shoot date. We hold 50% of the investment made (aka a retainer) because we held your spot in our calendar that someone else could've used.

Do I get full rights to my images and videos?


Mostly. Once you receive your final album, use them for your social media, print them off for your office/storefront/home, or share them with friends, family, and non-paid brand collaborations.

However, you cannot use your content to sell to another brand or business without collaboration consent from M² Creations. For example, if you drive a Tesla and we create an awesome video of you driving it along the coastline with it, you cannot sell that content to Tesla. In this case, we require additional compensation for this type of content collaboration.

How will I get my images and videos?


You'll get an email from us letting you know your gallery is ready for review, which is where you select your images for your final album. Final albums are delivered to your email via Pixieset, which is a free and easy application to download your high quality images and videos (no membership or accoutn required).


NOTE: please save and back up your images as soon as you get your album. We tidy up our storage every few months and can't guarantee we'll have your back ups forever.

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