A mood board is a collage of inspiration for you to help narrow down your unique aesthetics (props, editing style, posing, etc.).

Since not every business or brand is exactly alike, these boards come in handy when collaborating with your photographer/videographer (aka me).


Below are a few popular styles that we've delivered to our clients. These are simply to reference to get the creative juices flowing.

We're always looking for a new, creative challenge if you're looking for something different!

Final note: There are mixtures of my images and images taken by someone who contributed to Wix's Unsplash stock images on this page.

We use other sources often (like Pinterest) to help visualize what our clients are looking for to ensure we deliver a similar aesthetic.



​"Color Pop" is an energizing vibe that reminds us of a more youthful time (think Lisa Frank from the '90s/early 2000s). Imagery could come across as being very playful and upbeat. Some brands that choose this aesthetic are warm weathered adventurers, beach clothing lines, and children's authors.



​"Toned Down" could be a warm, inviting visual experience that reminds us of cozying up on a chilly, rainy day. For others, this could also portray a luxurious vibe that could either be taken more seriously or laid back. Some brands that choose this aesthetic are cafes, vintage clothing lines, and leather good retailers.



​"Fresh & Clean" gives off a natural, crisp tone that feels natural a truly refreshing. Depending on how many colors are involved, this style can be range from being easy or upfront to the eyes. Some brands that choose this aesthetic are life event photographers, healthy food blogs, and natural beauty products/services.



​The "Minimalist" aesthetic removes the noise of clutter (by anyone's definition) in order to attract the focal point to what they want their audience to engage with. This style is flexible due to the amount of "white space" which comes in handy when showing off your personal style. Some brands that choose this aesthetic are virtual assistants, stationary retailers, and high end coffee shops.

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