In the world of social media and heavy online marketing efforts, having relevant and engaging content is

crucial for your tribe (and customers) to connect with you...

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Ever wonder how entrepreneurs and small business owners in your network look

so put together on their website and social media?


They strategically apply branding photography and videography

(whether they hire someone or do it themselves)


By being able to showcase what you do and sell with high quality imagery, customers are more likely to trust that you're taking your business seriously and the quality of what you offer is top-notch.


That means you're more likely to convert clients and get lurking customers to buy just by showing higher quality content than what you might be doing right now!

Here are some ways you can use your brand photos:


Refresh your website

Design a more curated social media feed

Integrate with your customers' photos of what you offer

Here's an archive of our past and current clients' galleries!



Videos offer more dynamic piece of content that

gives customers a captivating experience

Connect with your audience while combining real-world footage of you in action:


Share the story of your business

Demonstrate how to use your product

Educate the impact of your service

and more!

Check out the variety of video content from our YouTube channel below!



On the big day of your event, we'll document the

incredible experience while you focus on

speaking on stage

working your booth

and building connections with your customers

Fun fact: Maria has had about five years of full-time experience with planning, coordinating and documenting events! Before M² Creations, she worked for a 20,000+ team member corporation where she lead company wide and out-of-state programs and experiences for everyone that worked in the company.


Talk about pressure, eh?!


Maria takes these skills she's learned to be an incredible documentor and helping hand. So if you need an extra set of hands or help planning, we've got you covered.

Check out this gallery to get an idea of what documenting your event will be like.



Your Shoot. Your Way.

Shoots can be used for creating both photo AND video content!

Not every brand has the same needs, style, or projects going on throughout the year. That's why we designed our packages to be customizable based on your unique needs.


Straightforward Packages + Simple Pricing =

Long-Lasting, Diverse Content  

Bundle #1 | $300

  • 3 hours of shoots*

  • 50 high resolution edited images per hour shot

  • Total images = 150

  • 6 outfits

  • Up to 3 locations

  • Perfect for:

    • Seasonal needs

    • Extended one day-of shoot time

    • One project launch

Bundle #2 | $480

  • 6 hours of shoots*

  • 75 high resolution edited images per hour shot

  • Total Images = 225

  • 12 outfits

  • Up to 6 locations

  • Perfect for:

    • 2 extended day-of shoot time (aka less time taking photos, more time creating)

    • A few project launches​

Bundle #3 | $780

  • 12 hours of shoots*

  • ALL high resolution edited images and videos compiled in gallery

  • Avg Image Qty =~100/hour

  • 2 outfits per hour

  • Up to 12 locations

  • Best bang for buck

  • Perfect for:

    • All year dedication​

    • Large and multiple content and project launches

Bundle Packages are designed with the hustling entrepreneur in mind:

to provide high-quality, value-driven, engaging content that keeps your online presence feeling fresh while saving time you time to do what you do best!

The best part is that you'll have an official, dedicated creator who can customize these packages to fit your unique brand and needs. An amazing experience and awesome to brag about!

Click here to check out our gallery to see what types of clients we've served and their highlight reels


  • One hour shoot

  • One location

  • Two outfits

  • 25 enhanced digital images

  • Perfect for:

    • Quick shoot​

    • Fastest turnaround

    • Trying out what it's like to work together

*Video quantity is based on four looks per hour

EVENT COVERAGE** | Starting at $240

  • One hour coverage

  • One location

  • 60 enhanced digital images per hour shot

  • Two week turnaround time

**Video quantity varies based on types of content from event

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