12 Best Ways to Use Your Brand Shoot Photos And Videos

What to update, where to post, and how long your content will last

It's been years since you've gotten a photo or video shoot (maybe you've never had one before). You've ran out of decent photos to post on social media and your about me page on your site hasn't been updated since you started your business (which can impact online engagement overall!).

A brand shoot might be what your business needs. Here are 12 ways you can use a brand shoot and my thoughts on how long your content can really last:

The Basics

First and foremost, update ALL of your profile shots with a current photo of yourself. No, your high school senior picture won't cut it anymore and neither is that cropped group shot of you tailgating last year at a sports ball event. In your brand shoot, there should be at least 3 profile head shots you can rotate with, but having the same image on all platforms helps other recognize you and see you as a legitimate business/brand.

Second, every platform has some standard form of "posting." That's a very easy way to start sharing image and video content so don't feel like you need to tackle each form all at once if this is overwhelming. For the more seasoned or brave folks giving all posting forms a try, hats off to you! Regardless, the more often you post, the easier it gets (pinky promise).

Social Media

Here's a rundown of what you can post on each of the most popular social media platforms with your new content:

1) Instagram

For the past few years, Instagram has been booming (especially with the added creator features to your stories) in the entrepreneurial space. I keep hearing more and more that "Instagram is becoming the new business card" and I'd have to agree. This platform gives a variety of content that you can create with that caters to damn-near all ways that people digest content from their following base!

  • Update your account's profile shots

  • Posts of new products/showing you creating in action - in your captions, take pieces of written content you might already have on your website or blog and elaborate on them.

  • Stories of new products, services, or behind the scenes in your business - This is a GREAT way to vocally express what problems you solve and have more of a conversation with our tribe.

  • Instagram TV (IGTV) of video content (1-60 minutes, depending if you're uploading from the app or web page) - talking about a new product or service, or educating your audience on the nuances of your industry.

2) Facebook

I bet you're probably rolling your eyes to the idea of growing your Facebook business page, but hear me out: Facebook is still an incredible platform for you to promote your brand and grow your business. Although it might not be as "popular" lately with it's better looking sibling, IG, it still holds the highest amount of active users among any other social platform. Since IG and FB are ran by the same people, you can utilize your content AND advertising spend in a more streamlined way!

  • Update banner art - you don't have to only use photos anymore! You can now add video content.

  • Update your account's profile shots

  • Posts - Similar to Instagram posts, but you have the option to include links that can drive traffic directly to your website. Consider sharing more of your blog post links here!

  • Stories - The cool thing about FB stories is that you can connect your IG and FB business accounts and hit two birds with one stone: when you post to your IG story, you can simultaneously share it on FB too.

3) LinkedIn

I wouldn't be surprised that most of the people in your network (personal, professional, and customer base) have a LinkedIn account. What this means for your business is getting more eyes on your brand and what you have to offer just with the people in your "professional" network! You can also likely find other business owners because they'll love to show off that they're a CEO of their business, no matter how big or small, young or old it is.

This is a tricky platform and I'm still trying to learn how to use it effectively in my business. What used to be seen as a stuffy professional social network is slowly becoming more popular in the entrepreneurial space.

  • Add images to resumes and other documents on your account - yes, you can have your resume and any other documents you have on your account be on brand too rather than just a plain black and white doc.

  • Articles that you're already posting on your website's blog and add imagery related to that content - again, will attract people to your site.

  • Update banner art - as of this post, this would be a photo or graphic, which should show or say exactly what you do

  • Update your account's profile shots

  • Posts - same as IG and FB.

4) Twitter

This platform is still used heavily to show what people are talking about right now. Overall, you content can be from asking your tribe's opinions about questions people have in your industry to sharing funny quotes you hear while working at a coffee shop. Here, people want quick entertainment, so if you're going to lead users to your website, you gotta be more intentional with what you're trying to get the reader to do.

  • Tweets are the types of posts on this platform - share new products, services, or behind the scenes in your business. Also, take this opportunity to engage with other brands and people you admire. By engaging with other peoples' content, you're increasing your chances of THEIR audience to see you too.

  • Update your account's profile shots

5) YouTube

I've been hooked on this platform since the very beginning. It was the first platform to really get me excited about being social on social media. This is a great platform to store your video content and easily share for you online presence.

  • Video content - of your craft, including the video's thumbnail, address your audience's concerns and educate them on what you know best in your industry.

  • Update banner art - same as LinkedIn

  • Update your account's profile shots

6) TikTok

No, this is NOT a "platform for the youth." Yes, there is a large chunk of younger folk on there, but this platform gives a unique experience. I've seen a dentist explain tooth decay, a lawyer talk about the importance of contracts, and even a real estate agent give their two cents on their market all in an engaging way. They use the video montage feature to clearly communicate to their audience rather than just babble at the camera for a minute straight. Personally, I'm seeing people be more comedic to attract people to want to watch their short videos. Don't worry, you don't have to have a funny bone to be engaging. Simply being clear, excited, and informative gets the job done nicely.

  • Video posts - new products, services, or behind the scenes in your business (again, keep it more video focused imagery)

  • Update your account's profile shots

7) Pinterest

Now Pinterest isn't technically called "social media" because it's actually a search engine. Users go on to search for whatever is on their mind: recipes, workout programs, inspiration for artwork, etc. If using your keywords correctly, you could actually get customers and clients from this platform.

  • Posts - new products, services, blog content, or behind the scenes in your business. You can even share videos on here too!

  • Update your account's profile shots

8) Social media advertising

  • On all of these platforms, you can run ads with your new content to help attract new business. Think, "new look, same great business" without formerly rebranding!

If you're not already on all of these platforms, hopefully this inspires you to try out a new one! Along with photo and video shoots, we also can help strategize your social presence here.


9) Main website

Update all imagery on your website to coordinate with your brand's shoot such as:

  • About me profile shots

  • Product/service content

  • Testimonials

  • Mix brand and business related content on all other pages of your site. See below as an example of how one of our clients used their brand shoot on their entire homepage!

10) Blogs and emails

When creating new blog and email content about your business and brand, be sure to include something from your shoot to also coordinate your content. You can also take some time to update any old imagery you may have and replace it with what's new, that way you can recycle old content easily.


11) Brand collaborations (sponsors, ambassadors)

As you collaborate with other brands and businesses, use your new content to send in to your partner so they can advertise you! Vice versa, if you're advertising a product or service for another business, a brand shoot can take the stress out of you having to take the photos or videos so you can focus on building that relationship and others that come along the way. This content can be distributed by whatever means when you accept an offer, but common ways this content is used for are social media and blogs.

12) Featured guest and interviews (podcast, blog, video series)

When you get the opportunity to be interviewed or speak on stage, your content can be used on that brand's platform for them to spotlight you! More often than not, they could showcase your head shot and a handful of product or service images.

How long can I use my content for?

It's tough to answer this because it completely depends on what your needs are when it comes to having new content and what it's for. I've had clients who have used a two hour shoot's images for over a year. Others have preferred to have new content every quarter based on the types of projects they launch.

Short, honest answer is you need to update your content when you:

  • launch a new product or service

  • are advertising for a specific season or holiday

The other tough call is when you make a drastic change in your appearance. I don't agree that you need to wait to get your shoot done when you change "x" about your appearance. A good rule of thumb to go by is you want people to be able to recognize you, just don't wait too long because people what you see you and what you have to offer.

Are You Ready To Book Your Shoot?

Branding photography and videography doesn't have to be as complicated as it may seem. With the right person who's truly dedicated to you AND your business will make your experience so amazing that you'll want to have them be your dedicated photographer/videographer. How awesome does that sound?!

Click here to book your shoot. I can't wait to capture and grow your business!

All examples used were from previous clients using content produced by M² Creations. Their sites have been linked to reference their source.

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