The Crucial Thing You Need To Do When Business Is Slow To Grow

Updated: Jan 6

Make the most of your slowest season to give you what you need to thrive the rest of the year

I learned a new way of thinking this year that just got confirmed when I dug through my first online business course: businesses don't have slow seasons, people do.

Don't get me wrong, there might be less demand during certain points in the year that are also dependent on where you're located in the world. But the point I think some entrepreneurs miss is that there's still demand and they might not be taking advantage of.

We're going to lay out my honest thoughts about what to do during any slow season in your business (trust me, I'm doing them alongside you):

Prepare for your next slow season NOW

If you've been in business for at least a year or two, chances are you have an idea when inquiries and sales might be on the low to nonexistent side. Now is the perfect time to get a plan ready so you can take action leading up to the slow season.

For example, I believe my slow season would be the holiday season (perhaps even Q4 as a whole). Think about it; my clients are also small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their busiest season is likely during this same time. So something I could do is prepare in Q3 by covering holiday events or getting them to think ahead for a new year content shoot.

Perhaps some questions to get you thinking about your audience would be

  1. when are they the busiest?

  2. is "busy" a positive or negative in their buying behavior? why?

  3. when would be the time I could solve their problem?

  4. how can I help them think ahead so they aren't faced with the same problem again?

Once you get a better understanding on your audiences' behavior, here are some ideas to help you get started on what you can offer them during this time period:

  • offering a low cost, high value product or service

  • if you're increasing your pricing, take into account a promotion or discount that you can use alongside it

  • work on your online content strategy

  • get updated photos of yourself

  • record educational, informational, or inspiring video content

  • recycle content you've published already (spoiler alert: less than 30% of your audience has seen the content you put out, so there plenty of folks you need to get in front of)

Are You Ready To Book Your Shoot?

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I can't wait to capture and grow your business!

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