The M² Creations Story

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Why We're Here And What We're Going To Achieve

While I'd love to have this in my about me page, I wanted to take the time to dive a little deeper into where I started, where M² Creations is headed, and everything in between. I've been on a kick of listening and reading other stories from those that I've admired over the years and got inspired to share a part of my own. There will be more to come in the near future, but for now, here's what got M² Creations started:

Why did you start a business?

There wasn't one specific reason as to why I decided to start a business, but to keep it simple:

  • To prove to myself that having my own business was the right (or completely wrong) endeavor for me. Turns out I have a knack for it and truly love what I do!

  • To allow myself to be creative and build wealth without the dependency of a corporate job.

As straight forward as this sounds, let me unpackage where I began in this journey:

I was told for most of my life the same damn "selling art is going to be really hard" story. The narrative I choose to tell others is that "having your own business is REALLY hard. Selling art is the easy part." Now if I would've heard that growing up, I probably would've been more accepting of the idea and the challenge because it makes sense. OF COURSE the work behind your product or service is the hardest part, but knowing that I could have a chance of making an income off my artwork? Hell yeah, challenge accepted!

I've always been this kind of person by nature. If I'm really into something, I go all in well knowing how hard the thing might be to achieve it. I didn't always have this mindset when I was younger, but in my mid 20s, something hit me where most of my big decisions stem from if I was going to regret not trying. If I care about it, then I go for it. If I don't, then I'm ok with never knowing, but am open to changing my mind if it becomes relevant in my future.

That's when I decided I'm going to try this whole entrepreneurial journey. I started this pursuit while having a very safe corporate job for about 2 years. For me, the balance was very challenging, but every client I got to work with was an amazing experience and made it worth doing even after putting in my time in the corporate world. This was also a time when I challenged myself to see if I had what it takes; from figuring out the best client experience, to marketing myself, and beyond (thank you to the service industry for breaking me down and teaching me everything I know on how to be the face of a business). Once I had the affirmation that I was on to something, the choice was easy to start preparing to not only go full time, but to also expand my business and try new ideas. I go into this more a little later on.

What made you decide photography and videography?

Let me take you back to a time when my mom took my siblings and I on this road trip to Yellowstone National park. During most of the trip, I'd have a film camera nearby at all times, capturing the beautiful moments of this trip with my family. While I don't remember every single detail from that trip, I can always look at a photograph and every time I do it makes me laugh.

Any Nickleback fans? Just me? Lol ok...

Seriously though, that trip really opened my eyes to something that I've held onto the longest. As I'm writing this, I realized the main reason why I chose to keep pursuing this venture was because it was a way to distract myself while my parents were going through a nasty divorce. In fact, the only reason why we went on that road trip was so that my Dad could move out of our home without "disturbing" us kids. While that was a very tough time for most of my childhood, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I was given the opportunity to explore something that has truly been a passion since I was about 9 years old.

Fast forward to middle school. I dabbled into videography back when Windows Movie Maker was my go-to app to make all of my projects (I still miss it sometimes, but Adobe Premier Rush gets the job done for me now). Our teacher did such an amazing job with setting up project ideas for us. In fact, what really inspired me to pursue videography was seeing how each of us executed on the same idea, yet came out with a variety of different videos. I didn't catch on to this with photography at this time, but shortly after it caught on and I was blown away by these two arts.

I should also mention that I didn't just focus on photography and videography. Before my parents divorced, I used to draw and journal. Kind of like "bullet journaling" but WAY worse and definitely involved an absurd amount of gel pens. My drawing artistic abilities peaked in 4th grade and soon after I dropped journaling. I haven't gone back to either since, but I do have one small notebook from early elementary that I look back on from time to time.

As far as choosing this niche, it happened in middle school; about the same time as when I took my vidoegraphy class. I just got into the YouTube space, back when Michelle Phan (a make-up artist turned soaring entrepreneur) and Jenna Marbles (a digital nomad-comedian) were just starting out. I had about a handful of women I followed religiously who I truly looked up to. At the time, I didn't have role models that would not only teach me about the variety of ways I could live my life, but also doing simple things like styling my hair and other #JustGirlyThings. It didn't hit me until I got to college that I wanted to work with these types of people, but I never could articulate what they were or research how to be a branding photographer or videographer.

It was simple: they're entrepreneurs!

So I began finding local business owners and was shooting for free for a while until I felt ready to make my business official. Not only did I get to work with people like the ones I've admired my teenage years, but also got to build an incredible network (and make a few friends along the way too)!

Is there more than just doing photo/video shoots?

In the very near future! While we're taking this whole entrepreneurial journey one step at a time, here are some ideas that we might be doing within the next few years:

  • A mentorship program (in person and virtual, individual and in groups, short and long term)

  • Collaborations with fellow entrepreneurs to teach and help others grow their businesses

  • Tools to help branding photographers do what they do best

  • Trying out the eCommerce arena

  • and large scale photo and video projects

Ultimately we would love to build a community of some sort to help us figure out how we can better serve not just our clients, but your business too!

What's your story?

Share what got you inspired to start doing the thing you're passionate about (hit me up on Instagram or Facebook)! Whether it's a business or a hobby, I truly enjoy learning about all of the endeavors that got you to where you are today with what you're passionate about. I can't wait to read them!

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